(Photography Questions In Which The Frequency of Receive-ment is Particularly High)

Who will be the photographer shooting my wedding?

I will be the one shooting, and if an associate is added, Heather will be there as well (highly recommended). Unless Tony Danza is available, then he will be there, however probably not likely as I'm still waiting on a response from the numerous letters I've sent. Fingers crossed.

Do you travel for a wedding or shoot?

Duh! We love to travel! We photograph in Orange County and Los Angeles. We have shot in other cities and countries, and require travel expenses.

How long does it take for me to receive my photos?

In 1 to 3 weeks you will receive an email with a link to a private slideshow and possibly a blog post where we might post a few of our faves. In about 3-6 weeks you will receive a package in the mail with a few prints and a disc of all your images.

Do you recommend an engagement session?

Absolutely. You're not Beyonce, and not accustomed to having photographers in your face all the time. An engagement session is a low stress day where we get to hangout with you and you have the chance to get used to us shooting you in the face. Oh, and you'll also get awesome images, so there's that too.

How many pictures do I receive?

Depending on how long we shoot for, we average 75-100 images an hour.

What kind of gear do you use, and do you bring back up gear?

Not a huge fan of the gear question, as there is a general misconception that better gear = better pictures, which couldn't be further from the truth. Even though we use a large assortment of expensive equipment, we feel this has little to do with the quality of work. Backups? This is important. Yes we do…..and back ups for our backup.

Do you offer albums, online ordering, canvas, or accordian lessons?

Yes yes yes, and probably not.

We're totes into the photojournalistic style, and love the 'candid' pictures. How would you define your style?

We appreciate that style as well, and also your use of 'totes'…mcgoats. We come from a photojournalism background, and heavily rely on shooting real life. Modern documentary photography is a mix of styles, and we hate to conform and limit ourselves. For most of the day we run around and shoot events as they unfold, like ninjas. We also appreciate great portraits and do so with a more relaxed approach. We direct as little or as much as needed.

I've always wanted to see myself with a third eye, or an extra leg..do you offer retouching to make my dreams come true?

Well that's a unique request, but heck yes we do! This is one of the reasons why ordering prints through us is a smart idea, as we will edit any ordered prints.

How long do you need for portraits?

Our time with just you, the bride and groom, is never long enough. The usual 'cocktail hour' designated for portrait time, is always diminished by missing relatives for pictures, cogratulatory guests, and a million other reasons. We always encourage our couples to prioritize picture time and lengthen it as much as possible, although we understand it's a tough crack to nut…nut to crack?…cheese wheel to split? We do offer post-wedding bridal sessions, and encourage this as a great way to not be stressed for time on the day of the wedding. That being said, we have gotten incredibly good at taking great images in a very limited amount of time, and often take the bride and groom at night during the reception for a quick 10 minutes to get a few more portraits.

Photobooth? What is it exactly, and on a scale of boring to awesome, how does it fair?

The level of awesome that stems from the photobooth, is downright palpable. It's an amazing way to get hilarious and epic pictures of your guests who came to celebrate your day with you. All it is, is a mobile studio, which is un-manned. Guests can trigger the camera with a small garage-door like button trigger, and take as many photos as they want. It's very simple, and we even have instructions. The photobooth, because it's unmanned, provides a unique way for your guests to take sillyfunawesome pictures. The images are included on the disc with the third collection.

What can I do to make my weddings as great as possible?

Great Scott that's a great question! We wrote a lengthy and detailed blog post, check it out here: Top Ways To Improve Your Wedding Photos. It's good, and filled with owl like wisdom.